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We offer premium and high quality products. 


  • Anti-Shock Premium Soft TPU Screen Protector.
  • Soft TPU material allows full functionality of touch screen phones.
  • Anti-Glare
  • Anti-UV
  • Bubble Free
  • Hard Coated Premium Silicone Adhesive gives clear transparent view of phone's screen.

Installation Instructions.

1). Take out all the accessories provided.
2). Clean LCD screen with the cleaning cloth.
3). Peel off the No.1 labelled layer.
4). Align the screen protector with the edges of the phone and make sure it is placed correctly.
5). Push the screen protector from side to side to allow the mask (release liner) to come off automatically.
6). Use the scratch card wrapped with the cleaning cloth provided to help assist the mask layer to come off.
7). Now finally peel off the No.2 labelled layer.

3B Wireless is a premium cell phone accessories wholesale supplier. We are specializing only in  premium quality, innovative, robust and anti-shock cellphone accessories and related products. We have a complete line of products, including shock-proof, 5D, Nano and Matte cell phone screen protectors, original Android and Iphone chargers, headphones, and much more.
At 3B Wireless, we always do our best to offer all of our products at or below typical wholesale prices.

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